Legend for Wildcat SMTP Anti-Spam Reports

day day number of month
time (secs) average smtp session and wcsap process processing time
connects total smtp client connection attempts
% drops % drops (client drops at HELO/EHLO for whatever reason)
% accept % mail accepted for delivery
% rejects % rejects (connect-accepts-drops) with the following break down:
  helo % rejects at HELO/EHLO state (includes helo/ehlo syntax checking plus drops). On Dec 24, 2003, a multi-line greeting was added. For whatever reason, this increased the drops.
from % rejects based on return path/sender machine validation performed by RBL or WCSAP.  Prior to Nov 23, 2004, RBL was the only test performed directly by SMTP.  On Nov 23, WCSAP was introduced which performs a series of test.   Prior to Dec 25, 2004, WCSAP was called at MAIL FROM.  On Dec 25,  it was called at RCPT if and only if  the issued RCPT was an acceptable address.   If RCPT was refused, wcSAP is not called (major overhead reduction feature)
WCSAP % rejects by WCSAP for the following reasons:
FLT % wcsap rejects due to blacklist filters
RBL % wcsap rejects due to RBL lookups (i.e., bl.spamcop.net) on the client IP address.
LMAP % wcsap rejects due to LMAP method lookup (DMP, SPF or CEP)
CBV % wcsap rejects due to callback verifier rejects
rcpt % rejects at RCPT TO (member not found)
data % rejects by rule based mail filters for remaining total reaching DATA state.