Frequently Asked Questions.

On this page you will find answers to several frequently asked questions about logging into the BBS.

Establishing an ANSI connection.
You will need a terminal program in order to establish a connection with the ANSI BBS. Users of the Windows operating system can use HyperTerminal for this purpose, for example. You can run this program by clicking on Start: Programs: Accessories, Communications and choosing HyperTerminal. Then you decide on a name for the connection, e.g. CIS Bulletin Board. After this a dialogue box is displayed in which you enter: hostname: bbs.cisbbs.nl, port: 23, connect using: TCP/IP (Winsock). The connection will be established after you click on the OK button.

Why should I use the Wildcat! Navigator.
The Wildcat! Navigator is a Windows-based program that will allow you to connect to the BBS system using a graphical interface. It replaces the traditional text-based menus with graphical "clients," that allow you to access the message and file areas, chat online, see who else is online, and more. Besides being easier to use than the traditional text-based interface, Wildcat! Navigator users have access to features unavailable if you're connecting using the text-based interface.

Establishing a PPP connection.
On December 1th 2007 closed it's telephone lines. Therefore it is no longer possible to establish a PPP connection with the BBS.

The CIS BBS telephone number.
On December 1th 2007 CIS Bulletin Board closed it's telephone lines. The BBS can still be reached on http://www.cisbbs.nl or using telnet (bbs.cisbbs.nl).

The CIS BBS servers.
Application Server address Port
smtp-server smtp.cisbbs.nl
account name: username
password : your password
25 or 587
pop3-server pop.cisbbs.nl
account name: username
password : your password
nntp-server news.cisbbs.nl 119
ftp-server ftp.cisbbs.nl 21
webserver www.cisbbs.nl 80
telnet bbs.cisbbs.nl 23
raw (ifcico) fido.cisbbs.nl 60179
binkP fido.cisbbs.nl 24554


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