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Welcome to the CIS Bulletin Board home page.

CIS BBS is an online service which can be accessed through the Internet at http://www.cisbbs.nl or via telnet at bbs.cisbbs.nl. On this webpage you will find an overview of CIS BBS's free services:

Free email account.
You will receive a free e-mail account from CIS Bulletin Board, which will give you access to your e-mail from any computer connected to the World Wide Web. It is also possible to retrieve your e-mail using Telnet or an e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird. Support for PDA's will be added soon.

Usenet, Fidonet and RIME.
By way of our NNTP-server you will get access to usenet newsgroups using Telnet, the World Wide Web or a newsreader such as Outlook Express or Agent. CIS BBS is also connected to Fidonet, a global hobby network similar to Usenet on the Internet, which members of the BBS can use free of charge. If you use it frequently, you can also apply to CIS BBS for a so-called point connection, which will enable you to read and reply to messages off-line. As from November 2007 the RIME (Relaynet International Message Exchange) network is no longer available on CIS Bulletin Board, but you can read the old messages on the website, telnet, qwk, NNTP or FTSC.

Online games.
CIS BBS has many mulit-user games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Video Poker. On the telnet side of the BBS you can play Wheel of Fortune or the well- known LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) game.

Chat with other users.
CIS BBS has a chatbox which you can use to chat to other users. The chatbox is accessable via telnet, the CIS Navigator or by using our Java chat client.

Downloads files.
There are more than 12000 files that you can dowload from our file areas. Click here to download a full list.

CIS Software for WINServer sysop's.
At the moment CIS Software is developing a few utilities for WINServer BBS's. These utilities will be free for WINServer sysop's. If you are a WinServer sysop you can subscribe to our mailing list or our wcJava Chat Newsgroup to keep informed. Click here for the wcJavaChat documentation.

Apply for a free account.
Curious? Click here to apply for a free account. Questions? Read our FAQ page or send an email to support@cisbbs.nl.

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Download the CIS Navigator here